Setting and reaching health goals can be challenging.

Finding a good health coach can be the first step in achieving those goals.
At IWNC, we believe that a good health coach provides the accountability, encouragement and unconditional support that can potentially reverse the negative patterns experienced in the past. To accomplish this, we strive to meet each client "where they are" in their particular health journey. At IWNC we provide ongoing support through in person and virtual coaching sessions. We provide personalized plans to support each client's specific health goals. We focus on education, counseling, meal plans and specific recommendations to help each client reach their personal goals. At IWNC we work with a variety of clients including, but not limited to, those who simply want to improve their diet as well as those who have specialized concerns such as gut health, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, PCOS, or other health-related conditions. We always take a client's past health history into account. At IWNC we see time and time again how switching to a healthier lifestyle can positively affect everything in our clients' lives. To learn more about how you might benefit from health coaching, contact us at 337-277-8284.
tanya c


Licensed Occupational Therapist
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Gut Dysfunction

Weight Loss

Unstable Blood Sugar & Diabetes


Hormonal Imbalances

Thyroid Issues


Hi! I'm Tanya, a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

After working in traditional medical settings for many years, I became passionate about nutrition and alternative medicine, specifically the idea of "food as medicine and medicine as food." After graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I became thoroughly convinced that good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health.

My mission at IWNC is to educate clients on how their unique genetic makeup, environmental exposures, and lifestyle choices (including, but not limited to nutritional choices) play a role in their overall health. In doing so, my clients often realize that their own choices are contributing to chronic symptoms or disease. With this type of education, my clients are inspired, motivated, and empowered to make small changes at their own pace. In addition, I work with each client as if they are a blank canvas, because I believe strongly in looking at each client as an individual, rather than using a cookie cutter approach to managing their care.  It is not uncommon to hear me say "I am your co-pilot, but you drive this ship." When my clients feel as though they are in control and have ownership over their own health goals, BIG changes begin to happen. This method has proven to be very successful in my practice. Through the process, my clients come to realize that their bodies just needed the right environment to function optimally and to heal. My nutritional programs deliver an approach specific to each client while providing accountability, support, and the tools needed to have sustainable success.

~ Testimonials ~

Leah C.

“Tanya gave me my life back. When I met her, I had been struggling with chronic illness and anxiety for most of my life. I had recently been diagnosed with toxic mold and spent a year unsuccessfully attempting to start treatment because I was too sensitive to take any of the medications. Tanya dove in head-first and started me on the GAPS diet, which absolutely changed my life. I was able to treat mold, banish anxiety, enjoy food, and heal personal relationships all with her coaching. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone struggling with chronic health problems.”

Linde Dean

"I feel truly blessed to have Tanya Campbell as my health coach! I started going to her having pre-diabetes, and on daily Nexium for GERD for 14 years. I knew I needed help! What's great about Tanya is that she tells you exactly what to eat to improve your health. I was ADDICTED to sugar for my whole life really, and with her help, I am a new person! I lost a lot of weight and wearing size small – so much fun! Most importantly though, I am off of Nexium and on a path to living healthy!! If I can do this- anyone can! I am so glad I made that first phone call to Tanya!"


"Hi, I’m a 58-year-old woman that has always lived a very active lifestyle. However, approximately 3 years ago I became what felt like “a mess”. I hurt everywhere.  I remember feeling as if I could barely roll over or move to get out of bed without every joint in my body hurting. As a former nurse, I knew I needed to have some blood work done to see if there was something wrong going on in my body. Sure enough, the blood work revealed that my body was full of inflammation. My alkaline phosphate, among other labs, was very high. Also, my cortisol level was off the chart. I called Tanya right away and she suggested specific supplements, the proper organic essential oils, and a specific clean meal plan. In 4 to 6 months my bloodwork numbers were completely normal and I was pain-free. It was a complete turnaround!

A few years went by and although I felt like I was eating healthy enough, I suppose I slacked off in a few areas and fell back into some old habits. But I was happy because I had no pain so I must be doing ok! Soon, however, I started feeling extremely tired. I had no energy for sports, and I had bouts of just “feeling ill”. I assumed that it was just part of the aging process and thought I was just getting old and that this was sort of normal. Boy was I wrong. Routine bloodwork on January 2, 2023, revealed that my total cholesterol level had jumped up 124 points since my last test only one year ago. It was now 264! My liver enzymes were once again way too high. After a visit with my cardiologist, I was given a script and told to start taking a statin. I received no other advice. I was determined this was not going to be the path for me, so I once again contacted Tanya for advice. I immediately began a very specific nutrition program that included a few natural supplements. Tanya not only was there for support when I needed it, but she helped me with shopping lists and food options when needed and was super encouraging!! She checked on my progress often!  I had my labs drawn on Feb 2, 2023, exactly one month later. My total cholesterol dropped to 174 ( down 90 points) and all liver enzymes were back to normal. Incredible, right?! I now have so much energy and I feel amazing. Tanya has helped me regain my health back, twice now!  I can’t thank her enough!

I can’t stress enough that what you put in and on your body really matters to your health and to your quality of life! Tanya has put in so many years of research on all-natural nutrition and living toxic-free lifestyles. She has a wealth of information for anyone wanting to feel great and live a clean and healthy life!  I’m so very blessed to have her as my health coach but feel even more blessed to call her my friend."

Rene H.

"This has been a game-changer for me!  I have been experiencing joint and muscle pain all over for about 3 years. (Sometimes a 7 on the pain scale) and having way too many trips to the bathroom every day for too long. With just five days on the plan, my pain was reduced to a 1, I’m having NO intestinal cramping, and NO bathroom crisis after ONLY FIVE DAYS!  My quality of life has been restored in a significant way! And in such a short period of time! Tanya is teaching me how to take care of myself and it is working!"

Sarah L.

"Before I saw Tanya I had tried medications, supplements, and diets to help heal myself. Nothing was giving me the results I needed. I’ve been seeing Tanya now for a little over 4 weeks and I am seeing amazing results! I’m not living in bed anymore, the majority of my gut issues have subsided, my energy is back, I am thinking more clearly, I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life, and I’ve weaned myself off of 3 out of 4 of my prescriptions!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my continued healing.

Tanya is very knowledgeable, thorough, and passionate about what she does. She is walking me step by step through my healing process and is just a text or call away if I need her. I am truly grateful for her!"

Denise S.

"When I began working with Tanya in June 2022, I was 20+ pounds overweight and had a SERIOUS sugar addiction. I often chose to eat a bag of popcorn and a giant box of candy in lieu of an actual dinner prior to sitting down with Tanya. Her nutritional advice and direction have changed my life. Nine months later, I have maintained a 22 pound weight loss, have eliminated all processed foods, broken my sugar addiction, and look and feel great! Prior to this change, I had tried every diet out there. Simple, effective instruction and Tanya’s caring heart are what finally made the difference."

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